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Skogsmaran löpning 21 km



21 km
lördag 2018-09-29 kl. 10:00
Skatås - Härryda - Hindås
410 kr
2018-09-22 23:59

Skogsmaratonloppet Skogsmaran består av både hel och halv maraton. Löpning 42 och 21 km samt vandring 42 och 21 km.
Nummerlappar med tidtagningschip.
Bagagehantering till Hindås.
Dryck och energidepåer.
Enklare måltid ingår, servering vid målgång i Hindås. Övriga erbjuds att köpa måltid.
Unik plakett!

Our race distances are half and full marathon. We organize each race in 2 classes. One is for runners and the other one are for hiking.
The FULL distance running starts in Göteborg. The starting area is a little bit outside of the city center, Skatås motionscentrum
The HALF distance starts in Härryda only 3 kilometers from Göteborg Landvetter airport.
As this is in the autumn it can be a bit cold but very beautiful colors in the forest.The track is in varied terrain. Paved trails, small forest roads, natural trails. The distance takes you to the goal via 700 height meters. The goal is in Hindås, a small village 35 km from Göteborg (via public roads). Along the track you will have water, energy drink, snacks of different type. First stop after 10 km, second after 17 km, third after 25 km, fourth after 30 km, fifth after 35 km. When you arrive at the goal you will receive a medal and a meal. You will sit down together with all the other runners an enjoy this.
Your bag will be transported from the start to the goal.
You can get back to Göteborg by public transport or by going with some of the other runners.
Total numbers of participants this year are estimated to 500 (total for half and full, running and hiking)