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Laponia Triathlon 67°N 2022 - Long distance

3860 m
180 km
42 km
lördag 2022-07-09 kl. 00:00
2500 kr
2022-06-26 20:00

Swim - Bike - Run - under the midnight sun.
The race starts at midnight under the midnight sun and finishes along the slopes of the Dundret mountain.

All athletes must have a valid race license from their national triathlon union. Please register your license number under "Licensnummer" in the registry form. Leave the "licensnummer" field blank if you want to buy a one-day Swedish license on race day or if you want to complement with license number after registering for the race.

Registration is closed

Registration has been closed for this years race. It is however still possible to buy starting places if someone is selling their starting place here at the "köp/sälj" on MittLopp registration page.