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Laponia Triathlon 67°N 2023 - Sprint

750 m
20 km
5 km
torsdag 2023-07-06 kl. 17:00
400 kr
2023-06-25 23:59

Triathlon above the arctic circle where the sun is up all night. Gällivare invites you to a weekend with sprint distance on Thursday evening and long distance starting at midnight between Friday and Saturday. Combine your stay here with visits to the mines, fishing, trekking or other activities in the Swedish mountains. The Dundret mountain is just next to the city center and there are daily buses to Saltoluokta (the last bit by boat), Stora Sjöfallet and Ritsem. The start of both sprint and long distance are located just one km from Gällivare city center.

Swim, bike and run at the foot of the Dundret mountain. Start and finish is located within walking distance from Gällivare city center.

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